Senator Corker & Alexander:
We Need a Budget that Keeps TN Open for Business

Tennessee small businesses are looking for our Senators to stand up against Trump’s efforts to undermine vital public health programs that keep the air in our communities safe to breathe and our environment clean.

The progress we’ve seen over the years has helped businesses thrive across the state, and we know that a cleaner environment creates stronger communities where more business can open their doors.  Tennessee cannot turn back now. We cannot afford a budget that threatens the economic health of our state.

Join with the Tennessee Small Business Alliance and tell Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander that we don’t need to sacrifice clean air and the health of our residents to grow the state’s economy!

Sign the letter to Corker and Alexander:

Dear Senators Corker and Alexander,

We don't have to choose between protecting clean air, water and land - and growing our economy. In fact, strong communities depend on clean, healthy, vibrant environments to grow.

The Trump administration has proposed deep budget cuts to clean air and public health programs  - including grants that communities across Tennessee rely on to keep harmful pollution of out the air we breathe and the water our children drink. Gutting funding for these essential protections would jeopardize our health and safety and make it harder for our state to build on the progress we’ve already made to make the outdoors safer for our families.  

Tennessee also depends on federal grant funding from the Environmental Protection Agency to fight pollution from lead, and to clean up toxic sites where chemicals threaten the safety of our neighbors. All of these efforts to create a healthier environment also mean a better climate for businesses in our state, and we’ve already seen the results.

Chattanooga reinvented itself from once being considered America's dirtiest city, showing we don't have to choose between protecting health and economic growth. Our great outdoors, from the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee to farms in West Tennessee and our rivers and valleys in-between fuel our state's growth.

If President Trump succeeds in his plan to cut EPA’s budget by almost a third, the results will be more asthma attacks among children, more toxic pollution in our communities, and more lead in our drinking water. Putting the health of our communities at risk also makes it hard for small business owners to pursue new opportunities and threatens our long-term economic growth.

Senators Corker and Alexander, we are counting on you oppose these cuts to the EPA, and protect our clean air, land and water from pollution that threatens the wellbeing of our state, economic growth and health.


Tennessee Business Owners

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