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Policy Agenda


Our courts should focus on justice, not politics. We reject efforts to politicize the judicial branch. Such extreme partisan attacks on an independent judiciary scare off business and harm the communities we serve.

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Health Care

Many small business owners rely on the individual marketplace for coverage. The state legislature refuses to expand Medicaid, which would cover many low-wage individuals and families – an estimated 280,000 Tennesseans. Protections for Tennesseans with pre-existing conditions like asthma or diabetes are at risk and could be declared "unconstitutional" in court. We believe in these protections.

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Tax Fairness

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Reducing waste and protecting our land, air, and water from pollution not only supports thriving life, it's also good for business. Our Tennessee economy is fueled by the environment we build our businesses in. From the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee to the farmlands of West Tennessee, our communities depend on clean air, water, and land. Cities like Chattanooga, once considered  'America's dirtiest city', have proved you don't have to sacrifice good business for good policy protecting the environment and our communities.

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The Tennessee Small Business Alliance is a coalition of business owners working together to have their voices heard in the policy debates affecting the wellbeing of their families, businesses, employees and communities.  Share with your peers where else you think the small business owner's voice needs to be heard.

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