Tennessee Small Business Alliance Applauds President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

Nashville,TN -- Ahead of President Biden’s announcement today of the American Jobs Plan, Tennessee Small Business Alliance Director, Lenda Sherrell, had this to say:

“While small businesses are still bearing the brunt of the pandemic the Tennessee Small Business Alliance praises the proposed solutions outlined in President Biden's American Jobs Plan. The pandemic has shown that working families, supported public schools and critical infrastructure are essential to the economy.

President Biden outlined investments in facilities, roads, bridges and other sorely needed critical infrastructure upgrades in the American Jobs Plan. Rural broadband, in particular, will be incredibly important to Tennessee and support a thriving rural small business economy. The investment in small business incubators and innovation hubs will provide room for small businesses to lead during this recovery. The investment in workforce development will mean small businesses can hire quality employees, and the support for good quality jobs through empowering and protecting workers mean more customers and economic strength.

We praise these initial investment proposals and look forward to the second part of this plan to invest in our care and human infrastructure, including paid leave, child care and health care - all critical to recovering from COVID and building a more resilient economy.

This is all possible with smart, fair policies that ensure large corporations pay their fair share. These corporations have been siphoning off tax revenue for decades at the expense of these investments and small businesses. To support a thriving, equitable and resilient economy corporations must also invest through paying their fair share to support the infrastructure that benefits them, and us all. The dual announcement of the Made in American Tax Plan rectifies many of the egregious tax decisions from 2017 and puts small businesses on more equal footing with the teams of corporate accountants digging for tax loopholes and paying $0 in federal taxes as the rest of the country bears the brunt of this crisis.

Tennessee small businesses look forward to coming back stronger and more resilient. This will require the critical investments outlined today by President Biden, as well as the investments in our employees, customers and American working families that must be included in the next plan. Together, these plans will help Tennessee, and our country, build back better.”