As small business owners we must be thoughtful when weighing big decisions. We're asking Senator Alexander to do the same: be a statesman and protect thoughtful decision-making and bipartisanship in the Supreme Court.


Dear Senator Alexander:

As small business owners we must be thoughtful when weighing big decisions that affect our business, employees, and the community we serve. Unfortunately, in today’s world as Congress weighs big decisions like a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, a decision that will affect our country and communities for decades, we don’t see steady, thoughtful leadership.

Senator Alexander, as the Senate looks to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice, a situation that is already giving rise to partisan rancor, we ask that you be a statesman, set an example, and be a leader that brings stability and decorum back to our nation’s capital.

The people need to decide.  The next President must nominate Justice Ginsburg's replacement AFTER the people have spoken.  We are just weeks away from Election Day.  Votes are already being cast for who will nominate the new Supreme Court Justice.

Under no circumstances should the Senate consider a replacement for Justice Ginsburg until after the inauguration.  Protect the spirit of bipartisanship in the highest court of our land by taking the time to carefully review the record of your prospective hire, to ensure it is free of partisan politics and seek the input of us, your constituents, on a decision that will last a lifetime.


Tennessee Small Business Owners

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