Brian Sexton, Founder of Creative’s Day, Calls For Corker and Alexander to Support EPA Standards

I lead a support organization for artists who either live in or are moving to Nashville called Creatives’ Day. We connect artists–musicians, writers, visual artists and even chefs–with the things they need to prosper like affordable housing, financial and entrepreneurial tools.

In a city like Nashville where 100 people are moving to town each day, common sense policies like fuel efficiency standards, that help keep our air clean, are integral to the health of our city. More cars mean more pollution. It’s as simple as that.  We must protect fuel standards as our state and cities grow because it all ties back to health.

Protecting fuel standards also means investing in more research on energy efficiency, with a focus on renewable energy over dirty, outdated fossil fuels. Yet, President Trump just put forward a budget proposal that seeks to halt any progress we’ve seen on energy efficiency, calling for a 40 percent cut in our nation’s research efforts. Instead of proposed cuts, we need Congress to support new investments that enable research and innovation to make our communities more energy efficient.

I am not only a small business owner but also I’m a dad. I want my two daughters to grow up in a world where they have clean air and water–and to preserve clean air and water for when they are adults.  

From a business perspective, folks don’t realize the cost savings and significant impact on health and welfare from breathable air not full of soot and water that isn’t contaminated with harmful chemicals. When I think about my creatives that my business serves, I see that some artists are vulnerable because of their income and sometimes cannot afford health insurance. We need to protect EPA standards to protect our workers from illness.

The benefits of clean water and air do not always speak for themselves, and that is one reason that we are raising our voice to champion them today. Especially within the artist community and impact of life as a business owner these healthier cleaner options.

There are costs tied to person’s health and the pollutants they encounter. If workers can’t come into work because they are sick, you’ll see a rise in illnesses, creating greater health care costs and loss of income for small business.  We need healthy bodies and healthy minds to grow our economy.

We need more than what Trump is offering us with his dirty budget proposal. We need our Senators to listen to their constituents in the artist and small business community and reject any budget that threatens the healthy economic climate attracting new people to Tennessee every day and fight for the protections that keep our communities and environment healthy, and the innovations that will ensure a cleaner Tennessee for the future.