Senator Alexander Must Keep Up Support for an Environmental Budget that Protects Tennessee and Small Businesses

We know that a cleaner environment creates stronger communities where more business can open their doors. The progress we’ve seen over the years has helped businesses thrive across the state. Tennessee cannot turn back now. We cannot afford a budget that threatens the economic health of our state.

Join the Tennessee Small Business Alliance and tell Lamar Alexander that we don’t need to sacrifice clean air and the health of our residents to grow the state’s economy!

Sign the letter to Senator Alexander:

Dear Senator Alexander,

We don't have to choose between protecting clean air, water and land - and growing our economy. In fact, strong communities and businesses depend on clean, healthy, vibrant environments to grow. For our local businesses to succeed, we need a healthy workforce - and that means living in areas with clean, non-polluted water that does not put the health of our families and children at risk.

As Congress negotiates a budget deal on Capitol Hill, the House of Representatives recently passed a spending bill that makes significant cuts to renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. The bill also reduces resources for environmental clean-up efforts.

House Republicans are insistent on passing policies that undermine public health protections to advance the agenda of their campaign donors and special interests. House Republicans are even pushing the repeal of clean water protections that ensure access to safe drinking water for one in three Americans. Overturning these policies is radical and dangerous.     

Our federal budget should be investing in initiatives that protect our air, water, national labs and promoting a clean and renewable energy future. We should not invest in a dirty budget full of harmful policies that sells out our state’s future to polluters and rolls back the environmental improvements that have contributed to our state’s economic growth.

Senator Alexander, we urge you to support a final spending agreement that protects small businesses and that prioritizes the clean energy investments Tennessee’s local innovators need to keep our state moving forward.


Tennessee Business Owners

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