Tennessee small businesses are calling on Senator Alexander and Corker to oppose  drastic cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency threatening clean air, water and land that are important to the wellbeing of our state's health and economy.

Call Senator Alexander and Corker

Sample Script & Key Points

Hi this [YOURNAME], I'm a constituent in [CITY].  

  • I'm a business owner in Tennessee calling to ask Senator [Alexander or Corker] oppose cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency that are important to protecting clean air, water and land - and that's crucial to our economy.
  • my community depends on clean, healthy, vibrant environments to grow 
  • [share why clean air, water and land are important to you, your business, your family, your wellbeing]
  • The proposed cuts will hurt clean air and public health programs  - including grants that communities across Tennessee rely on to keep harmful pollution of out the air we breathe and the water our children drink.
  • Tennessee also depends on federal grant funding from the Environmental Protection Agency to fight pollution from lead, and to clean up toxic sites where chemicals threaten the safety of our neighbors.
  • If President Trump succeeds in his plan to cut EPA’s budget by almost a third, the results will be more asthma attacks among children, more toxic pollution in our communities, and more lead in our drinking water - that hurts the health of our communities - and hurts business and economic growth.
  • Will Senator [Alexander or Corker] oppose these cuts to the EPA, and protect our clean air, land and water from pollution that threatens the wellbeing of our state, economic growth and health? [pause, wait for answer]

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