Oppose the Attack on Fuel Efficiency Standards that reduce pollution, protect health, and cut our dependency on foreign oil.

Tips & Message Points

  • Edit the template - make it personal!
  • Let them know you are a part of their community - introduce yourself, your business.
  • Share why protecting clean air or saving money at the gas pumps is important to you. How are you or folks you care about impacted by higher gas prices, or air pollution?
  • Thank Senator Corker and Alexander for already supporting fuel efficiency standards, and ask they stand their ground, and oppose Trump and Senator Blunt's efforts to repeal and weaken them.
  • The fuel efficiency standards are a common sense policy that’s working for Tennesseans, saving us money at the gas pump, cutting our dependency on big foreign oil, keeping us competitive in the economy, and reducing air pollution.
  • Ask for a commitment to you to stand up for the fuel efficiency standards and oppose efforts to weaken them.