Tennessee courts should focus on justice,
NOT partisan politics.

Add your name to the open letter to Gov. Lee and the TN General Assembly.
An updated letter will be released to the press 5/3 8:00 a.m. CST (9:00 a.m. EST)

Dear Governor Lee and Members of the General Assembly:


As lawyers, business owners and professionals we believe our state’s courts should be focused on justice, not politics. But the attempt to create a statewide chancery court undermines and politicizes our court system, to the detriment of all Tennesseans.


This bill presents a clear conflict of interest. A court comprised of judges who are initially appointed by the governor to rule on legal cases dealing with his own actions is a recipe for disaster.


This attempt threatens Tennesseans’ right to a fair and impartial judiciary. It requires a trial judge to run in two costly, statewide elections, which undermines the perception of judicial independence. And it targets critical issues affecting the rights of all Tennesseans, such as constitutional challenges and redistricting.


There is no reason to rush passage of this legislation at the last minute without proper vetting and input. Indeed, the bill that will create this court, which will cost $2 million annually, was in caption form until just a short while ago.


The bedrock of our democracy – and of our Tennessee constitution – is the separation of powers. This bill compromises our judiciary in violation of that separation and, as a result, fails to protect Tennessee’s system of checks and balances. Our state can do better.


Governor Lee and Members of the Tennessee General Assembly, please reject this bill so our courts can focus on justice, not politics.

Signed by (we will update this periodically):

Attorney Lee Davis, Attorney (Chattanooga)
Marietta Shipley, Attorney, Former Circuit Judge Davidson County (Nashville)
Alfred Smith, Attorney (Lookout Mtn)
Penny Harrington, Former General Sessions Judge (Nashville)
Penny White, Attorney (Johnson City)
Douglas Blaze, Attorney (Knoxville)
Allan Ramsaur, Attorney (Nashville)
J. Michael Engle, Attorney (Nashville)
Brant Phillips, Attorney (Nashville)
Gordon Bonnyman, Attorney (Nashville)
Paul Purdue, Senior Pastor Belmont UMC (Nashville)
Claudia Bonnyman, Elected (Nashville)
Carol Brown Andrews, Business Owner (Riddleton)
Phil Cobucci, Business Owner (Nashville)
Eric Harman, Business Owner (Bristol)
Frank Garrison, Business Owner (Nashville)
Dr. Jason Martin, Physician (Nashville)
Frank Carter, Retired Physician (Murfreesboro)
Margaret Behm, Attorney (Nashville)
Jake Brown, Attorney, Vet/Military (Memhis)
Brian Krumm, Attorney, Lee Voter (Johns Island)
Everett Hixson III, Attorney, Lee Voter (Chattanooga)
Bob Huddleston, Attorney (Memphis)
JB Smiley Jr., Attorney (Memphis)
Victoria Herman, Attorney (Goodlettsville)
Lynn Newcomb, Attorney (Ashland City)
Suzanne Brown, Attorney (Memphis)
Stephen Zralek, Attorney (Nashville)
Ametrice Biggers, Attorney (Lewisburg)
Valorie Vojdik, Attorney (Knoxville)
Nancy MacLean, Attorney (Brentwood)
Mary Walker, Attorney (Nashville)
Cindy Robinson, Attorney (Antioch)
Karen Neal, Attorney (Nashville)
Jeff Gibson, Attorney (Nashville)
Dave Garrison, Attorney (Nashville)
Jack McCall, Attorney (Knoxville)
Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur, Attorney (Nashville)
Grace Stranch, Attorney (Nashville)
Marjorie Bristol, Attorney (Goodlettsville)
Travis Brandon, Attorney (Nashville)
Angie Lawless, Attorney (Nashville)
Cole Dowsley, Attorney (Nashville)
Gerald Thornton, Attorney (Knoxville)
Jessica Dragonetti, Attorney (Nashville)
Tony Sax, Attorney (Knoxville)
Alicia Cottrell, Attorney (Nashville)
Patrick Chinnery, Attorney (Nashville)
R Scott Carpenter, Attorney (Knoxville)
Martha Butler, Vet/Military (Centerville)
Thomas Hanks, Vet/Military (Franklin)
Jeremy Humphrey, Law Enforcement/1st Responder (Santa Fe)
Tim Armstrong, Law Enforcement/1st Responder (Linden)
Lillian Mashburn, Law Enforcement/1st Responder (Knoxville)
Karen Mehner, Farmer (Butler)
Reverend Tracy Scarbrough, (Knoxville)
Rev. Greg Bancroft, Faith Leader (Nashville)
The Rev. Dr. Jerome Del Pino, UMC Retired (Franklin)
The Rev. Carolyn Coleman, Constituent (Nashville)
Larry Miller, Elected (Memphis)
Rep. London Lamar, Elected (Memphis)
Rep. Gloria Johnson, Elected (Knoxville)
John Bucy, Elected (Martin)
Starr Morrow, Lee Voter (Bluff City)
Victoria King, Lee Voter (Seymour)
Diane Nelson, Lee Voter (Johnson City)
Marvin Thomasson, Lee Voter (Chattanooga)
Dorothy Lee Grisham, Business Owner (Chattanooga)
Carter Witt, Business Owner (Nashville)
Renee Parker, Business Owner (Memphis)
Dr Barry K Snyder, Business Owner (Chattanooga)
Sandra Smith, Business Owner (Brentwood)
Bob Albiston, Business Owner (Knoxville)
Jonathan Nessle, Business Owner (Chattanooga)
Keith Brewer, Business Owner (Jasper)
Kent Anderson, Business Owner (Dresden)
Jack Jeffers, Business Owner (Oneida)
Gary Layda, Business Owner (Nashville)
David Hans, Business Owner (Antioch)
Michael Coker, Business Owner (Columbia)
Sue Cummings, Business Owner (Fayetteville)
Gina Mendello, Business Owner (Nashville)
Karen and Kent Cochran, Business Owner (Nashville)
Carol Fleetwood, Business Owner (Cookeville)
Jacob Kleinrock, Business Owner (Nashville)
Lisa Smith, Business Owner (Knoxville)
Anne Williams, Business Owner (Nashville)
Sharon Cort, Business Owner (Nashville)
Hayley Greenhouse, Business Owner (Brentwood)
Holly Quick, Business Owner (Nashville)
LeAnne Jones, Business Owner (Nashville)
Francis Patrick, Business Owner (Knoxville)
Dr. EB Fleming, Business Owner (Franklin)
Dr. Cathy Pyron, Business Owner (Signal Mountain)
Angela Warden, Business Owner (Brentwood)
Jake Scaffidi, Business Owner (Knoxville)
Susan Meador, Business Owner (Nashville)
Emily Cathcart, Business Owner (Nashville)
Duncan Ragsdale, Business Owner (Nashville)
John Fuller, Business Owner (Nashville)
Sharon Hart, Business Owner (Butler)
Liz Popp, Business Owner (Powell)
Dr. Robert and Lucinda Albiston, Business Owner (Knoxville)
Jennifer Greer, Business Owner (Clarksville)
Connie Duncan, Business Owner (Knoxville)
Lin Dunn, Business Owner (Dresden)
Shannon Taylor, Business Owner (Madison)
Gloria Griffith, Business Owner (Mountain City)
John Trudel, Business Owner (Nashville)
Teresa DuVall Allgood, Business Owner (Kingsport)
Bill Vinett, Business Owner (Nashville)
Kathy Ebbert, Business Owner (Hendersonville)
Robert Niemi, Business Owner, Lee Voter (Nashville)
Courtenay Rogers, Business Owner, Vet/Military (Franklin)
Regina Holloway, Teacher (Baxter)
Mark George, Teacher (Memphis)
Julie James, Teacher (Nashville)
Megan Lawrence, Teacher (Nashville)
Amy Ozment, Teacher (Germantown)
Elizabeth Hardiman, Teacher (Smithville)
Nathan Gebhart, Vet/Military (Knoxville)
Jerry Park, Vet/Militay/Lee Voter (Nashville)
Joan Laney, Constituent (Memphis)
Deborah Reed, Constituent (Munford)
Elizabeth Madeira, Constituent (Franklin)
Richard Osborne, Constituent (Franklin)
mary kline barnes, Constituent (Nashville)
Jonas Applegate, Constituent (Nolensville)
Michael Bernard, Constituent (Nashville)
Daniel Hutchison, Constituent (Chattanooga)
Skyler Levine, Constituent (Nashville)
Rebecca Francis, Constituent (White House)
Donald Pocek, Constituent (Hermitage)
Carnisa Dillard, Constituent (Memphis)
Adam Gabel, Constituent (Nashville)
Philip Madeira, Constituent (Nashville)
David Campbell, Constituent (Arthur)
Jeanie Nelson, Constituent (Nashville)
Hannah Nelson, Constituent (Ooltewah)
Sara Oaks, Constituent (Cordova)
Pamela Auble, Constituent (Nashville)
Virginia Tacker, Constituent (Nashville)
Rebecca Davidson, Constituent (Haines)
Anne Pennington, Constituent (Brentwood)
Betty Taylor, Constituent (Nashville)
Elizabeth Ramage, Constituent (Nashville)
Mary Folk, Constituent (Nashville)
Elizabeth Henderson, Constituent (Nashville)
Judy Isenhour, Constituent (Nashville)
Gwendolyn Moore, Constituent (Old Hickory)
Patty Dellibovi, Constituent (Nashville)
Carolyn Thompson, Constituent (Nashville)
Allan Creasy, Constituent (Memphis)
Tara Houston, Constituent (Nashville)
Jennifer Kimball, Constituent (Nashville)
Kim Troup, Constituent (Nashville)
Dr. William Kenner, Constituent (Nashville)
Ron McCullough, Constituent (Nashville)
Sally Carlson, Constituent (Nashville)
Dana Mccullough, Constituent (Nashville)
Wendy Wilkins, Constituent (Whitwell)
James Dallas, Constituent (Columbia)
Jack Gress, Constituent (Sevierville)
Kimberli Rose, Constituent (Smyrna)
Catherine Lowe, Constituent (Nashville)
Helen Buckley, Constituent (Chattanooga)
Sally Mills, Constituent (Nashville)
Susan Gish, Constituent (Nashville)
Mirabelle Stoedter, Constituent (Nashville)
Michael Pearigen, Constituent (Nashville)
Martha Jane Osgerby, Constituent (Nashville)
Matt Ferry, Constituent (Murfreesboro)
Whit Gardner, Constituent (Nashville)
Sharon Buckingham, Constituent (Knoxville)
Katherine Cannon, Constituent (Nashville)
Bobbie Lynne McFarland, Constituent (Nashville)
Kristen Hoy, Constituent (Chattanooga)
Mary Dionne, Constituent (Nashville)
Carrie Walker, Constituent (Knoxville)
Leah Brooks, Constituent (Nashville)
Carrie Olena, Constituent (Madison)
Suzanne Buice, Constituent (Knoxville)
Amanda King, Constituent (Maryville)
Carole York, Constituent (Brentwood)
Cassie Sykes, Constituent (Cleveland)
Landon Key, Constituent (Cookeville)
Denise Primm, Constituent (Nashville)
Jacqueline Jackson, Constituent (Memphis)
Caryn Brewer, Constituent (Maryville)
Elizabeth May, Constituent (Ardmore)
Bradford Pippen, Constituent (Lewisburg)
Jeffrey King, Constituent (Nashville)
Anita Colliatie, Constituent (Knoxville)
Elaine Loughlin, Constituent (Nashville)
Patricia Hudson, Constituent (Knoxville)
Bruce Orman, Constituent (Nashville)
Carolyn Joned, Constituent (Nashville)
Suzanne Lanier, Constituent (Nashville)
Eileen Koesy, Constituent (Nashville)
Linda Houser, Constituent (Seymour)
Dennis Garvey, Constituent (Nashville)
Caroline Akers, Constituent (Nashville)
Wendy Rancier, Constituent (Gallatin)
Robert Jernigan, Constituent (Tullahoma)
Matt Ferry, Constituent (Murfreesboro)
Rened Kasman, Constituent (Nashville)
Leslie Parker, Constituent (Memphis)
Eileen Koesy, Constituent (Nashville)
Mary Isaac, Constituent (Farragut)
Mary Pierce, Constituent (Nashville)
Lisa Gordon, Constituent (Murfreesboro)
Pamela Ozment, Constituent (Germantown)
Holly Wray, Constituent (Oak Ridge)
Diane Brown, Constituent (Bartlett)
Shoshanah Kaplowitz, Constituent (Memphis)
Mary Dionne, Constituent (Nashville)
Anna Fahrenholz, Constituent (Nashville)
Elizabeth Dale, Constituent (Jonesborough)
Andrew Hunt, Constituent (Bristol)
Dawn Franklin, Constituent (Hermitage)
Robert Pickard, Constituent (Nashville)
Shanon Pickering, Constituent (Nashville)
Caroline Duley, Constituent (Nashville)
Zachary Carey, Constituent (Knoxville)
George Brown, Constituent (Knoxville)
Aaron Parsons, Constituent (Chattanooga)
Paul Taylor, Constituent (Memphis)
Ashli Smith, Constituent (Maryville)
Janet Curley, Constituent (Knoxville)
Nancy Gentry, Constituent (Franklin)
Robert Harrold, Constituent (Memphis)
Barbara Owens, Constituent (Brentwood)
Kimberlyn Owens, Constituent (Brentwood)
Lisa Logan, Constituent (Antioch)

and more (counter at right updates in real time, we'll periodically update this part!)