Mueller Confirms The Threats To Our Democracy

Our Elected Officials Must Listen And Act Accordingly



Phil Cobucci, Founder and Chief Strategist at BAM! Social Business and TNSBA Board Member, released the following statement in response to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s testimony should remind us, and especially our elected officials, that the threats to our elections and even our democracy are real and valid. Earlier this year, I called on state lawmakers to reject a bill, now signed into law, that would impose burdensome voter regulations that would make it harder, not easier for eligible Tennesseans to vote. I again ask our legislators, Governor Bill Lee, and Secretary of State Tre Hargett to acknowledge the gravity of this moment and consider how they can protect our democracy that we entrusted to them. The threats to our elections and democracy come from Russia and other foreign adversaries, not our fellow Tennesseans.”