TNSBA Calls on Members of Congress to Support Renewal of Critical Health Programs in Any Continuing Resolution on February 8

As part of a coalition of advocates for health care, TNSBA has signed a  joint letter to our Members of Congress.

We are calling on our elected officials to support the renewal of programs which ensure that Tennesseans from every income level have access to high quality health care across the state, because small business owners know that a healthy community is good for business, and good for our local economy.

To the Tennessee Congressional Delegation:

As you know, our coalition of Tennessee’s health care and human service consumers, workers, providers, and insurers has been paying close attention to the debate over health care and health care funding in Congress.

We are particularly concerned about programs that affect millions of low- and moderate- income families and the providers that serve them. As the months have passed since the October 1 expiration date, these Tennesseans have grown increasingly worried about the future.

While we were pleased that Congress acted last week to fully fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years, we were very disappointed that no action was taken on other important health care measures that ensure Tennesseans’ access to coverage and care, including:

  •  Postponing the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital cuts, which will take millions from our nation’s rural and urban safety net hospitals this year.
  • Extending the Health Centers Fund, which provides much needed funding to Federally Qualified Health Centers across Tennessee
  • Funding the cost-sharing reduction payments, which contribute towards the costs of insuring moderate-income Tennesseans.
  • Extending the Medicare Dependent Hospital program and Low Volume payment adjustment, which provides critical support for rural and small community hospitals.

We strongly urge you to address these issues in any continuing resolution passed by the new February 8 deadline, rather than postponing them to a full 2017-18 budget bill to be considered in March.

Many of you have expressed strong support for these programs, which help ensure that Tennesseans from every income level have access to high-quality healthcare in all parts of the state. The delay in funding is causing increasing stress and uncertainty for consumers and providers alike, and we ask you to do everything you can to address these issues by February 8.

Tennessee Small Business Alliance
Southern Christian Coalition
Tennessee Health Care Campaign
SPEAK – Students, Parents and Educators Across Knox County
Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment (SOCM)
Interfaith Worker Justice of East Tennessee
Tennessee Justice Center