November 24, 2017
Contact: Lenda Sherrell

Petition calls on Corker to stand his ground on the deficit

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Small Business Alliance is launching an online petition of small business owners on Small Business Saturday to call on Sen. Bob Corker to oppose the Trump tax plan.

“We’re calling on Sen. Corker to stand his ground and oppose any plan that raises the deficit, as this plan does,” said Lenda Sherrell of the Tennessee Small Business Alliance.
Under the plan, large corporations get a rate cut from 35 to 20 percent, while 86 percent of small businesses get just a tiny fraction of the tax cut promised to corporations.

To pay for these massive cuts, proposals would eliminate or cap deductions that middle class small business owners rely on, including for home office expenses, tax preparation, state and local taxes and mortgage interest.

“This plan gives big businesses a huge tax break at the expense of small firms and more debt dumped on future generations,” Sherrell said. “Any savings that small firms see on their tax bills are entirely wiped out by the elimination of deductions that regular business people rely on.”
Sen. Corker has not yet said how he will vote, although he has said he would not support a plan that raises the deficit, as this plan does. A poll released Wednesday found that voters overall oppose the Senate GOP tax plan by a 3 to 2 margin. A majority – 54 percent – understands the plan only benefits the wealthy.

A copy of the petition is available here.

To connect with a Tennessee small business owner opposed to the plan, contact Lenda Sherrell at 865-388-9056.