Speaker Casada, Listen to Small Business Owners Instead of Rebuking Them

Anti-LGBTQ Bills Would Be Bad for Business and Our Communities

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In response to Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada’s recent comments that “[Businesses] should take care of their stockholders and not get so involved in politics,” Lenda Sherrell, state director of the Tennessee Small Business Alliance issued the following statement:

“Speaker Casada, with all due respect, Tennessee’s small businesses are the backbone of our state’s economy and business owners are leaders in their communities. Instead of rebuking business owners for speaking out, try learning from their expertise and experiences. So far, 87 businesses have signed a letter clearly stating that the anti-LGBTQ bills would be bad for business and our communities. Do you want to see our state thrive like Tennessee small business owners, or do you want Tennessee to fall behind?”