Voter Registration Bill Institutes Burdensome Regulations that Weaken Communities

The State Senate Must Reject this Reckless Bill That Discourages Voter Participation

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Phil Cobucci, Founder and Chief Strategist at BAM! Social Business and TNSBA Board Member, released the following statement in response to the Tennessee House of Representative’s vote to advance House Bill 1079, a bill that would make it harder for eligible Tennesseans to cast their vote and participate in our democracy:

“Communities are not strong when the voices of citizens are silenced or go unheard, especially in terms of voter participation. House Bill 1079 institutes burdensome voter regulations that weaken our communities. As the backbone of local economies, small business owners understand that a strong and vibrant community depend on engaged citizens who debate local issues and have their voice heard at the ballot box. It is critical that every Tennessean who is eligible to vote may do so. The State Senate must reject this reckless bill that would create roadblocks that make it harder, not easier for Tennesseans to vote.”